The platform for scalable web solutions
  • HTML reporting with low-code design environment
  • SSO and identity management of unlimited complexity
  • Email queue management from a single email to 1m+
  • REST APIs and web-based scripting
  • Content integration and management
API SSO HTML Reports Web Content File Server Mass Mail Portal Managed Links Web Forms

Focus on implementation of your unique business logic and leave the rest to Arnica Web Platform

Arnica Web Platform for Data-Driven Web Applications

Standards Based

Based on the open standards for design, development, configuration and integration: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts, JSON, XML. Use your existing web skills to create reports, dashboards, portal sites, Web APIs, data driven integration solutions.

Enterprise Strength

Provides most of vital enterprise features out of the box, such as: single sign-on, authentication, authorization, user management with profiles of virtually unlimited complexity, user groups and application roles, data auditing, activity and event logging, execution tracing, configuration management, versioning, real-time deployment of components you designed with zero downtime.

Low Coding

Many components of your web based system may be designed, configured and maintained with either no coding or low coding. Fully functional professional web reports may be created, integrated and configured for secure access with a web portal in minutes. Further management may be performed via web-based interface by selecting on-screen features. Enter code snippets using web-based interface for a more advanced functionality.

Web APIs

Arnica Web Platform tools were designed from day one as Web APIs and integrate with other Web APIs. Communication between Platform tools is implemented via HTTP/HTTPS with data exchange using XML, JSON and HTML formats. Standard functionality may be extended with custom Web APIs developed using Arnica WebScript, and coded with C#, PHP, VB.NET, SQL and other languages.

Interoperability and Integration

Integrate and collaborate with a wide range of third-party contemporary web tools and technologies, which may be implemented with various programming languages, run on different OS, and be deployed both internally and in the cloud. Connect to a variety of data sources (databases, REST APIs, JSON/XML files, etc.), work with third-party Web APIs, allow other systems to connect to Arnica Web Platform tools, integrate with portals, etc.
Arnica Web Platform enables organizations to present and manage data on the web. Connect to any data source and take advantage of powerful analytics with Arnica WebReport. Manage user profiles and access to data and apps with Arnica UnifiedLogon. Create web APIs in a variety of programming languages with Arnica WebScript.
Versatile, easy to use and integrate with other products and technologies, such as JS, .NET, GO, PHP, and others.
Perfect for organizations of any size - from small office work groups to large enterprises with thousands of users, and are scalable to support millions of public site users.

Arnica Web Platform Components

CORPORATEDATA UnifiedLogon LinkServer FileServer WebTopics WebReport FormServer WebScript EmailServer WebPortal (content integration, processing and personalization) Authentication Authorization Single Sign-On User Identity Configuration Relations Auditing Activity Context Information Presentation