Arnica ConversionServer is a server-side component for converting HTML files to PDF format. You may post HTML content or provide a reference for the source HTML file to the high-level web service API provided by Arnica ConversionServer, and ConversionServer will return back either binary response with the content of a generated PDF file, or a file reference to a PDF file saved in a specified location.

Arnica ConversionServer interfaces with lower-level conversion engines to perform the actual file conversion task, and currently supports the conversion engine from Amyuni Technologies. Arnica ConversionServer adds great value by providing higher level interfaces to simplify the task of managing PDF file conversion, as well as scalability features by including clustered load-balancing and fault-tolerance layer. In clustered mode, applications interface with the Arnica ConversionServer dispatcher module, which communicates with multiple nodes performing conversion tasks.

Arnica ConversionServer API is exposed as a web service accepting GET/POST requests via HTTP.

Licensing Notes 

Arnica ConversionServer uses Amyuni PDFConverter from Amyuni Technologies to perform actual conversion to PDF. This is a third-party product, it is not included with Arnica ConversionServer and must be purchased separately to enable full functionality of Arnica ConversionServer.