Arnica WebReport - report with cell content editing

This report demonstrates the possibility of editing content of certain cells in a data table and then propagating changes to the database used as a source of data for the report. Designers select which columns may be edited and specify both validation rules and update workflow, processed on the back-end when user submits modified data.

Cells which may be edited contain "Pencil" icon . Clicking anywhere within the cell brings up data edit dialog.

Custom validation rules may be defined at design time to ensure that values entered by users fit certain criteria. For example, Unit Price value must be greater than zero and may include only digits and a decimal point. Attempt to enter value 0 will generate validation error message.

Updating value in one cell may optionally affect values in other cells. For example, changing values in cells Unit Price or Quantity also results in changing value in cell Total.

Note: for demonstration consistency we blocked updating remote database used as a source of data for this report. Press Requery button to bring up the original set of data.