Arnica Technology Subscription


Arnica Software Corporation offers a subscription-based resource, which gives you access to Arnica products and technologies at a fraction of the cost of products purchased separately.

The subscription includes a single-server one year license for the following products to be used for development, testing, training, and other non-production purposes.

Included Products

Arnica WebReport
Arnica UnifiedLogon
Arnica WebPortal
Arnica FormServer
Arnica LinkServer
Arnica FileServer
Arnica EmailServer
Arnica WebTopics
Arnica ConversionServer

Arnica Technology Subscription includes five free technical support incidents.

For existing customers of Arnica products, Arnica Technology Subscription is a cost effective way to complement full production licenses of Arnica products.  While Arnica products do not require a separate license for developers, Arnica Technology Subscription allows you to create separate development, quality assurance, and/or training environments running on different servers (with an unlimited number of developers or users) at a fraction of full license cost.

For solution providers and individual developers, Arnica Technology Subscription is a powerful resource for building and testing enterprise-strength data-driven web applications.