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Development and Consulting Services

At Arnica Software Corporation we build, implement and support web-enabled IT solutions. Using our expertise in web-based data-driven application development, we help our clients build scalable and easy-to-maintain custom solutions, which may be integrated with other products and technologies, such as .NET, PHP, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, and others.

Arnica Software Corporation offers services and solutions in the following areas:

Custom Web Application Development

Using contemporary technologies, such as XML, .NET, JavaScript, we build data-driven web-based applications running against major databases (MS SQLServer, Oracle, etc.).  We use component-based development techniques to create web applications which are scalable, secure, upgradeable, and easy to maintain. Arnica Software applications may expose their functionalities as web services and consume web services, they support single sign-on and integration with portals and other software products. 

Systems we develop have these powerful features:
  • Scalability and Maintainability - enables you to grow and easily modify your system as your business needs change.
  • Single Sign-on - provides ability to log in once and work with multiple applications without repeating the login process.
  • Access Control Management - enables you to effectively manage users with different levels of access to business data and protect your data from unauthorized users.
  • Web Service Support and Integration with Web Portals - applications we develop may expose their functionalities as web services and consume other web services. This means eliminating boundaries in cross-platform enterprise application integration. 
  • Sophisticated Logging and Error Handling - enables you to identify run-time problems and facilitate efficient problem resolution.
We offer effective remote technical support and monitoring services for the systems we develop by relying on remote desktop connectivity and web collaboration technologies, as well as utilizing the thin-client nature of Arnica solutions, which allow development and administration over the web.  

Custom Database Development

We believe that a properly developed database is one of the main assets of any information management system.  With extensive experience in database development, we know how to get the most out of your database system.  We will translate your business specifications into a scalable database design, adaptable to the rapidly changing business environment.

Strategic Consulting

IT strategic consulting involves considering both short- and long-term business objectives of an organization, and identifying how information technologies can help quickly resolve immediate needs, while helping the organization achieve its long-term goals. 

A strategic plan contains key IT objectives tied to the organization's business strategy, and a detailed plan of action required to achieve those objectives.  In every strategic planning assignment, our job is to understand the structure and essential processes of a business and determine how technology, with its potential and limitations, can help attain long-term business goals.  A typical strategic consulting process includes the following stages:
  • Strategic business analysis - identify business structure and key business processes (what the system is and what the system does).
  • System architecture design - determine key components of a new system and principles of their collaboration.
  • System implementation plan - define a set of major projects to be completed, with time-frames.
  • Execution of system implementation plan - execute projects and ensure achievement of organizational objectives.