Arnica WebReport is licensed per server.

One single-server license allows unlimited side-by-side installation of Arnica WebReport instances on the same server. There are no restrictions on the number of CPU cores or CPU units on the server. A single-server license permits installing Arnica WebReport database on a separate server.

No additional licenses are required per end-user, developer or administrator.

Arnica WebReport Single-Server License 

US$4,999 (applicable taxes are extra)

License includes:
  • Arnica WebReport single-server license
  • Arnica WebReport first year maintenance
  • Arnica UnifiedLogon single-server single-application license
  • Arnica UnifiedLogon first year maintenance

Maintenance Subscription 

US$1,999 (applicable taxes are extra), starting after the first year

Product maintenance subscription includes:

All major and minor version updates, plus all service releases for a period of one year. Four incidents up to one hour in total of free installation telephone support. Free telephone or email support for bug-related issues.

Licensing Notes

Arnica WebReport license does not include licenses for Arnica EmailServer and Arnica ConversionServer, which provide email and PDF export functionality, accordingly.

Optional additional server licenses for non-production use (such as development, testing, educational use) may be acquired via Arnica Technology Subscription.