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Creating a new report using report wizard (in under 1 minute!)

KB Artcile # 2669
Arnica WebReport provides developers with a feature-rich design environment.  It allows to quickly create simple reports and then evolve them into a more sophisticated reporting solution with more complex layout options, business rules, drill-down and drill-up capabilities, batch actions, etc.
This article describes the easiest way to create a report by using report wizard.

To start report wizard, click on the "Report Wizard" link in the main menu:

Enter report name and proceed to the next step:

Select data source and proceed to the next step:

Select database type (in our example, it is Microsoft SQLServer), and proceed to the next step:

Specify an SQL query used by the report to query the database, and proceed to the next step:

By this stage, the report wizard has collected all required information and is ready to create report source, report, discover all columns returned by the query, their data types and titles, and create a reusable report which is ready to run or may be distributed as a link to other users. Click Finish to create report:


The wizard generates a confirmation page with a button to run the report immediately, a hyperlink to report to be copied and pasted into an Internet browser or emailed to other users. The page also contains links to report and report source properties pages, which provide tools to further customize report presentation and behavior, add access control and data logging features, etc:

This is what the report looks like in our example (users may sort and group the output by different columns):