Arnica WebReport - large report performance Test

Try this report to see how quickly Arnica WebReport transforms data to HTML presentation. This report breaks data into 500+ pages in a matter of a few seconds, and allows navigating from page to page in under one second.

Other options to try include using Export To Text (CSV), Export To Excel, Export To XML - available in the report toolbar next to page navigation icons. These operations will result in transferring significant volumes of data to your browser, thus the actual data transfer time could take a minute, depending on internet connection speed, while the time taken by the WebReport to respond to the request, including generating the output, is in the range of several seconds.

Another data intensive operation is available via Download option (next to Export to XML) - select HTML output format on a dialog page, and try output options with page breaks or continuous output. In either case, WebReport will generate downloadable HTML for all pages at once. Note that the continuous output option has a significant performance advantage.

This report runs on an entry level server with Microsoft Windows 2008 64bit edition.

NOTE: the export and download features available for this report generate content between 1MB and 10MB. Certain browsers may be unresponsive for several minutes while they are processing the results returned by the WebReport due to their limitations when handling large HTML content.