Web-based business intelligence and reporting screenshots - part 1 (output)

July 26, 2011 by Igor Lozhkin
This blog article includes various screenshots generated by Arnica WebReport, a premier tool for web-based business intelligence and reporting. Arnica WebReport may be deployed within corporate intranet, public web site or as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), and provides web-based access to both report design and interactive output environments. This article focuses on the interactive output, which displays data in HTML format with optional HTML5-based or Adobe Flash-based or image-based charts.

Arnica WebReport product and features description, as well as demo site are available from the following links:

Various screenshots included below have a corresponding live demo presentation, which may be accessed via specified links.

Report, which shows product images retrieved dynamically from a database. This report uses custom column placement, and displays another report within one of its rows (http://www.arnicasoftware.com/demo/arnica-webreport-report-with-images-and-dynamic-content/1503/index.aspx):

Report with data grouping enabled and dimension items (i.e. data group definition values) listing presented to the left of the report data output table (http://www.arnicasoftware.com/demo/arnica-webreport-report-with-dimension-items-presented-on-the-left-hand-side/1517/index.aspx):

Similarly, report with data grouping enabled and dimension items listing presented above the report data output table (http://www.arnicasoftware.com/demo/arnica-webreport-report-with-dimension-items-presentation-on-the-top/1518/index.aspx):

Interactive business intelligence dashboard composed of output generated by several reports with charts (http://demo.arnicasoftware.com/webportal/output/proxy.aspx?method=loadpage&resourcecode=demo7bidashboard&productid=352):