Report layout options: horizontal and vertical reports

October 12, 2011 by Igor Lozhkin
Traditional report layout assumes tabular presentation of data with horizontally positioned records (as rows) and vertically positioned columns. While this layout works well in most cases, more specialized data presentation scenario could require 90-degree-rotated presentation, when data records are positioned vertically, while data columns are presented horizontally (as table rows).

Arnica WebReport allows switching easily between vertical and horizontal report presentations from its style properties page, at design time:

10-12-2011 11-45-09 AM.png

Horizontal report presentation arranges records and columns using conventional layout:

10-12-2011 11-40-18 AM.png

The same report with vertical layout flips presentation by 90 degrees:

10-12-2011 11-42-07 AM.png

Vertical presentation may be advantageous in several cases, e.g. in a report with a large number of columns (wide reports). When columns are positioned vertically, viewing report date no longer requires horizontal scrolling.  Also, by controlling the number of records displayed per page in a report with vertical layout, designer may specify just one record to be displayed, effectively achieving form-like presentation of data. 

Reports with horizontal and vertical layouts may be viewed live from the Arnica Software demo site:

Report with horizontal layout:

Report  with vertical layout: