Mass-mailing opt-in and opt-out: global and category-specific subscriptions

September 14, 2013 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica EmailServer is a mass-mailing system which provides two levels of user subscription (opt-in): system-wide (globally) or by specific mailing category (such as support, marketing, sales, membership, etc.). 

In order for a user to receive an email, user must have both global subscription enabled, as well as the category-specific subscription enabled for the category in the context of which current mailing is executed. If a user opted-out from any of these two subscription types, no email is sent to the user.

Such two-level subscription model provides a more flexible approach for managing recipient opt-in. Users may select what kind of mailings they prefer to receive, and organizations may assign different subscription categories to different departments. 

The end effect of global and category-based subscription is summarized in the following table:


User subscription management is provided by Arnica EmailServer via web service APIs, database APIs and program script APIs. Subscription may also be analyzed and updated using Arnica EmailServer Administrator module.