Managing users in IT projects with Arnica UnifiedLogon - identity management system with virtually unlimited scalability

July 16, 2013 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica UnifiedLogon is an identity management system, which provides access control, personalization and configuration services, and allows to implement single-point user log-on for access to multiple applications. It is a powerful tool for managing granular user access to applications, application resources and functionalities. Arnica UnifiedLogon was designed with extreme scalability in mind and is therefore perfectly suited for management of any number of users - from a dozen of local users at a small organization to thousands of users in a large enterprise, to millions of users at a public web site. 

This article shows sections of Arnica UnifiedLogon main menu, which self-explanatory UnfiiedLogon features available out-of-the-box. 

1.  UnifiedLogon Main Menu - main section (management of users, user groups, companies, products, logon forms, data stores, etc.):


2. UnifiedLogon Main Menu - built-in management reports:


3. UnifiedLogon Main Menu - configuration management (custom fields, context groups, request filters, user-company-product relations configuration, infrastructure object management, etc.):


4. UnifiedLogon Main Menu - other management tools (export/import, maintenance tasks, scheduled tasks management, etc.):


Live examples of Arnica Platform applications integrated with UnifiedLogon may be explored further on the Arnica Software demo site