Managing failed login: How to configure logon page to redirect to a URL

August 10, 2012 by Igor Lozhkin
Logon page is defined in Arnica UnifiedLogon. Design-time logon properties page provides system administrators and designers with various tools for configuring both logon page presentation features and its behaviour during certain events.

Logon failure is one of the events processed by the logon page with the resulting logon page action depending on the properties set at design time.


By default, when a logon fails, logon page redirects back to itself with updated metadata to display corresponding message to user. Default behaviour is triggered when request type is set to HTTP Server-Side Redirect and request target is left empty. 

To redirect to another page, request target property should specify URL of the destination page. The URL may include evaluatable parameters to pass any additional information about the failed logon event to the destination page.

Alternately, information may be posted to another service using server-to-server HTTP post request (the request type in this case should be set as Web Request POST or Form POST). Posted information should be included in request data field. Posted data may be in any format - http-form-encoded parameters, XML, JSON, etc. The response from the service is then relayed back to the user.