How to create HTML reports in minutes without coding with Arnica WebReport

January 17, 2014 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica WebReport is an enterprise-strength web-based reporting tool, which helps you design and run reports against most major databases - all done through a web browser, with no installation required on designer, administrator, or client computers.  

You can create a report in under a minute from any computing devise using browser only, generate a link on the fly and deliver it to users for execution or integrate it with corporate Intranet or public Internet sites. Report runs in a web browser with no deployment required.

This walk through explains how to actually create production quality reports in one minute.

Step A - from Arnica WebReport Administrator main menu select New Report Wizard:


Step B - provide report name


Step C - select data source


Step D - give report a hint about database type


Step E - click Show Available Tables and View, or enter adhoc SQL query (let's proceed with scenario Show Available Tables and View):


Step F - select view or table from the list

report_wizard_select _table_or_view.png

Step G - review selections made so far and click Finish


Step H - Your report is ready. From this screen you may run it, distribute a link to report run-time to other users, or go to development environment to adjust report appearance and behaviour, if needed.


This report output looks like this:


Reports may be viewed live from the Arnica Software demo site.

Another example of a basic report created with the report wizard as described in this article may be viewed here: