How to create "highly effective" user profiles in information systems

October 21, 2014 by Igor Lozhkin
Effectiveness of user profile lays in data access speed, ability to expand with new data properties and structures when business requirements change, and scalability - i.e. accommodating growing number of user records.

Arnica UnifiedLogon provides several data structures  for effective implementation and management of user profiles: 
  • User standard fields - such as FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress, etc.
  • Additional user standard fields, allowing multiple entries per user: Email Addresses, Web Addresses (URLs), Street Addresses, and Phone Numbers
  • User global custom fields
  • Application user custom fields
  • Application user configuration directory 
  • Relation types custom fields
  • Data stores
User profile data may be accessed via web services APIs, database APIs, programming script APIs and using Arnica UnifiedLogon Administrator module.