How to create composite sort orders in HTML reports with Arnica WebReport

October 15, 2012 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica WebReport provides two types of sorting options: 
  1. Adhoc sorting by clicking on sort controls in column headers at run-time
  2. Pre-defined sort orders, which are setup at design time and engaged from standard report toolbar or from report prompt page
Pre-defined sorting allows creating both single-column sorting and composite sorting, which may reference more than one column.

Access to sort orders at design time is available from report properties page:


The following page provides a list of existing pre-defined sort orders and allows to create a new sort order:


A composite sort order is created by selecting one or more columns, specifying ranking of each column in the sort sequence, and defining sort type (ascending/descending) for each selected column.

A pre-defined sort order may be selected as default, i.e. report will always be sorted using this sort order definition if the sort order is not specified with report API call or user does not change sort order at run time.


Live examples built with Arnica WebReport with both adhoc and pre-defined sort order options may be further explored from the Arnica Software demo site.