Expanding company data in Arnica Unified Logon

August 11, 2015 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica UnifiedLogon manages information for virtually any type of IP project: users, groups, roles, applications, resources, companies, products, etc. In Arnica UnifiedLogon, company is represented by the following data structures:
  • Company standard fields (such as  name, email, address, etc.)
  • Company custom fields - custom defined for a particular UnifiedLogon deployment scenario
  • Additional (multiple) phone numbers, addresses, emails and web addresses
  • Relations with users, products, and other companies
  • Relation type custom fields
  • Company groups and membership in company groups
Company data may be managed using Arnica UnfieidLogon Administrator module interface, web APIs, and database APIs.

Screenshot below displays company properties page in the Arnica UnifiedLogon Administrator module: 


Using links on this page, administrators may navigate to other company data. For example, company custom fields which extend standard fields, are managed on the following page: 


Custom fields are set up from the Arnica UnifiedLogon main menu/ configuration section:


Some custom fields may be defined as accessible from the UnfiiedLogon Administrator module, while others maybe defined as invisible and may only be managed via web APIs and database APIs.

Arnica UnifiedLogon is a central part of Arnica Platform and exposes data it maintains, such as company data, to other Arnica products as well as any other applications and systems.