Drill down in HTML report: configuring column as a hyperlink in Arnica WebReport

December 13, 2012 by Igor Lozhkin
In Arnica WebReport any column may be defined as a hyperlinked column. The simplest scenario for enabling a column hyperlink involves setting the column property Hyperlink to enabled, and entering destination URL into the Request Target property. Additional column hyperlink properties allow to achieve more custom behaviour with no or minimal design-time coding.

Property Request Target specifies how report processes click on the column hyperlink. Here options are the following:
  • HTTP redirect to a URL specified in Request Target field
  • Server-to-server web request to specified service URL with optional posted data (specified by Request Data). Content returned by the service is displayed to the user
  • Display evalutable content saved in Request Data, or from an external file
  • Execute a program script saved in Request Data
  • Access column cell in edit mode, and update current column cell value
Column hyperlink may be conditionally enabled or disabled for certain rows by hyperlink condition script executed at run-time. Also, hyperlink condition script may block executing hyperlink request if condition evaluated at run-time during click on the hyperlink returns False.

When click on the hyperlink displays content, this content may direct to the same window, a new window, or to an in-page dialog, as set at design time. New window or in-page dialog may be adjusted to specified size.

Click on a hyperlink may optionally show confirmation message, as well as progress indicator (when executing certain types of long-running requests).

Hyperlink appearance is defined by report CSS, however it may be further modified by dynamic style expression or a more complex program script for each row and each cell in the report.

Below is a screenshot of column hyperlink management page in Arnica WebReport design environment, displaying properties discussed in this article.


Find more examples of reports with column hyperlinks on the Arnica Software demo site: