Customizing reports with report and report source parameters in Arnica WebReport

January 19, 2015 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica WebReport provides two types of parameters: report source parameters and report parameters.

Report source parameters are evaluated at the early stage of report life-cycle and are always available for use in queries against remote data. Report source parameters are also available to all reports based on the report source.

Report parameters may be evaluated before or after a query against remote data, depending on what is specified at report design time. Report parameters are only available for the report they were defined in.

Report parameters and report source parameters, used in combination, help achieve more customized solutions. For example, report source parameters may derive values invisibly for the user and always apply against the query, while report parameters may be designed as prompted and collect values from user input and optionally apply against the query.

At design time, access to report source parameters is available from report source properties page:



Access to report parameters is available from report properties page:



Live report examples built with Arnica WebReport which utilize various combinations of report source and report parameters may be further explored on the Arnica Software demo site.