Arnica WebReport revisited

November 19, 2015 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica WebReport is an enterprise-strength web-based reporting tool, which helps you design and run reports against most major databases - all done through a web browser, with no installation required on designer, administrator, or client computers.  Arnica WebReport delivers an effective solution for most of your web reporting needs: create reports in a minute from any computer using web browser only, generate a link on the fly and deliver it to users for execution or integrate with corporate Intranet or public Internet sites. Report runs in a web browser with no deployment required.

WebReport provides a low-coding environment for achieving fast and effective results. New report wizard provides a guide through report creation process and completes with a fully functional web report ready for production deployment. Report designers may adjust presentation features in the new report, such as columns selection, titles, visibility, or engage in a more intensive report design modifications.
The following is a screenshot of the main report properties page, which contains links to other functional features of the report:


Main report features are:
  • Conditional column visibility
  • Column hyperlinks
  • Custom columns (columns which do not exist in record set returned from database)
  • Reporting against XML sources
  • Joining reports from multiple sources (for example XML, SQLServer, Oracle databases)
  • Prompt pages and prompted parameters
  • Custom toolbars
  • HTML charts
  • Predefined composite sort order and data groups
  • Aggregate calculations
  • Export to Excel, PDF, CSV, XML and other formats
  • Template driven design
  • Design-time specification for various buttons (Refresh, Requery, Run, etc.)
  • Pivot tables
  • Option sets (list of values)
  • Help pages for the report, and each column
  • Report wizards
  • Activity reporting (who uses report, when, from which link, etc.)
  • Authentication, authorization and granular access control
  • Output integration in other web-based systems and applications
Below is an example of Arnica WebReport output:


Live report examples built with Arnica WebReport may be further explored on the Arnica Software demo site.