Arnica UnifiedLogon (identity and user profile management) screenshots - main menu

August 6, 2011 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica UnifiedLogon is an identity management system, which may be used as a foundation for implementing realtime user profile management solutions of virtually unlimited complexity. It provides a number of services such as access control, personalization and configuration, etc., and allows to implement single-point user log-on for access to multiple applications, all managed through a web browser. Arnica UnifiedLogon was designed as an extremely scalable system, and is perfectly suited for management of any number of users - from a dozen of local users at a small organization to thousands of users in a large enterprise, to millions of users at a public web site. Without getting into detailed description of any of UnifiedLogon's functionalities, this blog article shows screenshots of UnifiedLogon administration main menu web pages.

The page below is the most frequently used part of the main menu, from which administrators setup and manage users, user groups, applications and their resources:        

9-11-2011 1-11-30 AM.png

The next page provides access to various pre-built reports, such as activity and events, auditing, effective permissions reports and others:

9-11-2011 1-12-36 AM.png

The page below provides links to various setup components, as well as to entities participating in user relations, such as companies, products, and relation types:

9-11-2011 1-13-07 AM.png

The last page of the main menu focuses on various maintenance tasks and other parts of the maintenance process:

9-11-2011 1-13-37 AM.png