Arnica Unified Logon - what is new in version 10

December 24, 2015 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica UnifiedLogon is a powerful identity management system, which provides a foundation for managing user profiles of virtually unlimited complexity for projects of any size - from dozens of users to a multi-million user base.

Arnica UnifiedLogon allows interacting with user data by various methods - Administrator interface, web APIs, database APIs or program script APIs.  UnifiedLogon extends its functionality into various supporting services, such as single sign-on, user access to applications, user permissions to access resources, user role management, centralized activity and event logging, and others.

With many new features added during the beta phase, release 10 brings the following new and enhanced functionalities:
  • Full data auditing of virtually all user and related entities data
  • Company data management
  • Product data management
  • User-company-product relations management 
  • Relations custom fields
  • Multiple emails, addresses, web addresses, and phone numbers per user and per company
  • Request filters
  • Updated state management system - added support for context groups 
  • Option to store historical data in a separate database (activity logs, event logs, data audit trail)
  • Option to store data stores in a separate database
  • Custom fields with indexes and unique values
  • Universal support for default values in custom fields and data stores
  • Significantly updated both web APIs and database APIs 
  • User groups and application roles custom fields
Arnica UnifiedLogon stores all data in Microsoft SQLServer database and support for the latest SQLServer databases 2012/2014 has been updated.