Arnica EmailServer (enterprise mass-mailing) screenshots - main menu

August 8, 2011 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica EmailServer is an enterprise-strength tool for automating both mass-emailing and single email processing tasks. Arnica EmailServer also provides functionality for performing either scheduled or on-demand download of incoming emails for multiple accounts and storing them in easy-to-access database tables through database APIs. All email queue, mass-mail and incoming email management is done through a web browser interface. Without getting into detailed description of any of EmailServer functionalities, this blog article shows screenshots of EmailServer administration main menu web pages.

The first part of Arnica EmailServer main menu provides access to mailings, mailing templates, and other components, which are part of mass mailing process. Administrators also use this page to access the list of generated emails and analyze their status.

9-11-2011 1-37-33 AM.png

The second page of the main menu contains links to various maintenance and life cycle analysis tools: 

9-11-2011 1-38-00 AM.png