Analyzing user activity in web applications: user session report in Arnica UnifiedLogon

March 7, 2012 by Igor Lozhkin
Arnica UnifiedLogon Administrator module includes a user session report.


The report allows listing user sessions based on search criteria specified on the parameters page.  User session may be found by user name, email address, or user membership in a specified user group. User session may also be filtered by application in the context of which it was validated during its life cycle, by session token value, by session creation date, and by active/expired state. 


Session report lists user sessions which match specified criteria and displays status of each session (active or expired).


Drill down to user session properties to display user session details: 

  • Start date - when user session first started
  • Finish Date - estimated session expiry date, based on session expiry set at application level
  • Validation Date - last session validation date
  • Renewal Date - when previously expired session was last time renewed by user
Session properties also display user activity statistics per application in which user was active in the context of user session:
  • Start Date - when user started activity within the application in the context of user session
  • Validation Date - last session validation date with the activity within the application